Plastique Kiss Ya “Lips” With Industrial-Sized Intensity On Latest Single


At first listen to “Lips”, the latest from UK electro-rockers Plastique, industrial underground heroes Sister Machine Gun comes to mind. Not the snazzy polished sound of their last release, Influence, though. I’m talking the lo-fi underground “Burn” stuff from the mid-’90’s which hit all the right buttons with grooves and melodies and was destined for greatness.

Just like Plastique is. “Lips” is the proof.

“Lips”, the follow up to previously released “Quake” (Which dropped earlier in 2015) is like night and day next to each other. While “Quake” went for subtle intensity, “Lips” is like an atom bomb. Jagged guitars slice through the militaristic beats while vocalist Anelise Kunz goes from smoky and sultry a la Ann Wilson one moment then touting a raspy cry the next (Think Courtney Love on Live Through This).

“Lips” is out on November 13th. Listen below and then pre-order yours here.

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