Singles! Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls, “Something Good”

There are artists out there that, whenever they put anything new out, immediately bring a smile to listeners faces…not necessarily because the music itself is feel good or happy go lucky but because of a sense of pride that this given artist is continually putting out compelling and exciting new music.

Carissa Johnson is that kind of artist. And listening to new single “Something Good” does all that and more.

But I digress (And gush).

“Something Good” is the first new single since 2018’s Talk Talk Talk and is a glorious evolution of the Cure-Alls’ sound. Oh yes, this is a Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls jam! From Steph Curran’s fuzzed out opening (And electrifying solo work later) and Nick Hall’s perfect percussive cadence throughout, the track has this timelessness to it. Like you’ve already heard it in your favorite flick from the ’90’s or ’80’s or stared at the video on Alternative Nation a million times already (Weezer clips or Foo Fighters’ “Big Me” come to mind but without the uber cheese factor).

Then there’s Johnson, whose bass hum is almost as recognizable as her vocal cadence, and who can write one helluva story and turn it into an anthem. That statement gets fully realized when thit huge, layered chorus comes in with Johnson at the forefront uttering earnest lines like: “I just need you/You To turn around/Listen to the pound/Of a heart that’s trying to make it through to you” before closing with a repeated refrain of “I don’t wanna be misunderstood/Right here we’ve got something good”.

“Something Good’ drops on February 22nd through all of your most favorite digital outlets. You can find out more by following Carissa Johnson on her official socials like Facebook and Instagram. And speaking of socials, those are also the best place to find where you can see her performing out with her band or solo (Or click on her FB events page here) including a gig with Dorothy at Paradise next Friday, February 15th (Tickets and more for that here) followed by a tour all over the West with Vanessa Silberman and Jenny Vass throughout February and March.

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