Singles! Replicant, “Lifelike”

The title track to a lost album is what “Lifelike”, the latest from Chicago’s Replicant, is being branded as and if this is any indication of what the rest of that record was going to sound like then we’re praying to the Electro Gods that the rest is found soon! Initially recorded in 2016, the track sounds just as fresh and relevant as anything the band has put out lately (In particular last year’s The Resistance which we reviewed right here).

With this “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” air dripping off it at times, the highly danceable track is yet another reminder of how vital Replicant is to the current Electronic scene. Garrett Vernon’s croon weaving in and out of the background as Jordan DeLay adds a bass groove and Justin Delay a synthetic blanket and programmed beats (Alongside Vernon’s Synth work) on the track will immediately have listeners yearning for more new Replicant music.

“Lifelike” is currently out now and can be streamed/downloaded at this location. For the latest on Replicant, including what’s on the horizon in 2019, stay tuned to their social media pages right here and here.

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