Sophia Marshall Takes On Kasabian With lin-dah EP, First In A New Covers Series

Kasabian as you’ve never heard them before! Three tracks by Sophia Marshall and you’ll be totally transfixed on these new vesrions and (almost) forget about what they ever sounded like in the first place. With lin-dah, Marshall injects new life and passion into tracks that were already filled with so much of both to create something that transcends the originals. No easy task, mind you.

We can all agree that “Club Foot” is THE Kasabian anthem, yeah? Well, once Marshall’s acoustic two and a half minute transformation of the classic tune comes in then all expectations of what that song may represent are out the window as this sultry take swoons and sways with subtle echoed vocal “Ah’s”. Let’s also point out the fact that taking on this song, whether as a straightforward cover or a reinterpretation, is no small feat so kudo’s for even attempting (Successfully, we might add, if you didn’t get that from the rest of this paragraph).

“Fire” is almost a lullaby in Marshall’s iteration…or at least a campfire sing-a-long now. And let’s face it, the original was partly a quiet sing-a-long until the explosive chorus. In this version the song is slightly more contained, surrounded by Marshall’s layered vox and an acoustic guitar, but still just as incendiary. “Goodbye Kiss” closes out the EP with a dreamy, Mazzy Star-style number that still manages to capture the essence of the original and leaves us, and hopefully listeners, on the edge of our seats anticipating who she covers next.

lin-dah is out now! For free! Why are you not downloading it now??? Oh yeah, you need the link. Here’s that then right here. You’re welcome in advance. For more on Sophia Marshall, including what she’ll be doing for the next round of covers, head here.

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