The KVB Deliver Lush Soundscapes And Fuzz-Soaked Brilliance On Of Desire


I remember years ago reading about The KVB in one of the annual “100 Bands You To Know In…” issues from Alternative Press. It was always fun for me to sift through the drivel in those issues and find the diamonds in the rough. The KVB were the diamond in the rough in that particular issue. They were more than a compelling find back then and they’ve only gotten better since as their latest, Of Desire, surely proves.

Like an instantly recognizable New Order classic, “White Walls” pulsates with fervent aplomb barely scratching at the surface of what’s to come. Brimming with fuzzed out sonic landscapes that would make The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club jealous, The KVB continue to impress with “Lower Depths” and all its feedback soaked glory.

“Silent Wave” turns in a slightly different direction sounding like the most beautiful amalgamation of the Drive soundtrack sung by Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja. “Awake” follows that trend glistening from your speakers akin to a soundtrack from one of those neon-filled noir flicks of the ’80’s.

“Never Enough” hits all the right notes seductively masquerading as a goth anthem yet hiding some sweet Pop sensibilities within. Elsewhere, “In Deep” vamps it up and enters a dreampop headspace as Nicholas Wood’s vocals shine through while “V11393” focuses on Kat Day’s electro prowess and is, at times, reminiscent of Videodrone.

Easily one of the best electronic releases of 2016, Of Desire sees The KVB honing their craft to extremely fantastic new levels of creativity and originality. Of Desire is out on March 11th through Metropolis Records. Get yours here and here.

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