Untitled Metal Column: Volume 13 (Nuke Everything, “No Control”)

It seems that 2018 is the year for resurrecting old columns here and the latest single from Nuke Everything seemed to be the perfect excuse to bring back “Untitled Metal Column”! Also, holy shit, we haven’t done one of these in almost three years? And holy shit! We’ve been around for over three years?!?!

But I digress.

Making New England proud with their brand of socio-political Industrial Metal madness, Nuke Everything’s “No Control” almost explodes from your speakers due to its’ immediate intensity combining the minimalism of Author/Punisher, the Industrial crunch of Godflesh, the shreddy leanings of early Fear Factory, and a hint of Bile for good meaure. Greg Alonge has a screech that incorporates that Broadrick bark as Otto Kinzel layers the track with a menacing maelstrom of sound and Jeff Allen pounds out a militaristic percussive blast.

In other words, it’s a nice little introduction to the world of Nuke Everything and also a compelling case on why you should definitely pay attention to what’s coming next.

“No Control” is out now as a small taste of what’s to come from their upcoming EP. You can check out the song by clicking below and then head on over here for the latest on Nuke Everything and up-to-the-minute info on future plans.

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