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All Your Sisters Create An Instant Gothic Masterpiece With Uncomfortable Skin


What if you threw The Soft Moon, Joy Division, and Godflesh in a blender and set it to “liquefy”? The results might sound a little like All Your Sisters whose brand of synthetic goth rawk shines on their new full-length, Uncomfortable Skin.

If ever an album was meant to be listened to with headphones on so that the sounds could truly envelope the listener, it’s this one. Just be careful when cranking it up to hear the dulcet yet quiet sounds from “Nothing Is Sacred” because when “Open Wide” follows it lands like an aural atom bomb with its synthetic urgency.

“Black God” is that cool amalgamation of Justin Broadrick-style vocals paired with The Soft Moon’s new school modern goth heralded by Mario Armando Ruiz’s hypnotic bass and topped with Jordan Morrison’s urgent cries of “Welcome to my hell/Come and See!” as his guitar wails to maximum effect. “Heater” is my jam, though. With ominous John Carpenter-style synths to start, the song just explodes into syncopated beats like a mechanical animal and as quickly as it comes crashing in, it fades away leaving listeners yearning for more.

“No Hope” sounds exactly like that: bleak and dreary. While on the other spectrum, “Remains” just glistens within its own hyperactivity as Morrison’s guitars create a wall of sound and Ruiz’s bass bounces along at a frenetic pace. Uncomfortable Skin culminates with the epic “Reconcile” as Morrison’s abrasive, throated refrain blasts through the static as the machine keeps rolling underneath until the song eventually devolves around itself into a cacophony of feedback and anguished cries like something out of a Clive Barker flick.

Uncomfortable Skin is out through The Flenser on July 8th (June 27th digitally). Pre-order yours here and here.

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