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Guerilla State Rise And Rebel On Debut EP Autonomy: Part One

Along the lines of Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, and even The Clash to an extent, Guerilla State make the kind of Folk meets Punk meets Americana that speaks out with sharp jabs at the current global and political climate while also compelling listeners to sway along with the sweeping choruses and shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs choruses.

On Autonomy: Part One, the Irish duo get right to the point with six slabs or earnest, honest Rawk that’s compelling and complex. Like opener “Harbinger” that’s fueled by glistening synthetic sounds and driving beats which lead towards a rollicking guitar-centric core and the first of many a glorious chorus. Or “Ready Aim Fire”, the thrilling anthem with racing riffs guitars and scorching solos.

We covered “Never Taking Me” earlier and here, etched into the fabric of Autonomy: Part One, the track is even more delightfully defiant (Read more about it in our single review here) while tracks like “The Terror Storm” offer up some genuine big Rawk and/or Roll moments as the guitars take center stage further in and a staccato drumming lays out some pointed attacks.

Elsewhere, “Fracture” is an expansive psalm with a heavy piano drone and then “Bandit Country” wraps up the debut EP from Guerilla State with a quiet number that’s simmering, steady and ready to boil over at any moment like the greatest poignant Rawk usually is.

Autonomy: Part One arrives on March 5th. Keep your eyes peeled here to stream the EP as soon as it lands and for the latest on Guerilla State, follow them across their social media pages by heading here, here, and here.

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