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Lauren Lakis Dazzles While Defying Expectations On Daughter Language

More often than not, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this here before, if a record is out or I just miss when it streams early for the music buying/listening public then I’ll typically scrap any review plans I may or may not have had…because once it’s out there, what does anyone need my opinion for???

Then there’s records that come out and I’m just compelled to blather on about despite the already wide release because, DAMMIT, the people just NEED to know about this artist. Like today and multi-instrumentalist Lauren Lakis with whom we’re applying that practice to.

That said, we’ve been constantly intrigued with each new release we hear from Lakis and have been anxiously awaiting a collection such as this where all the magic is captured in one place. Beginning with “Sail Away”, Daughter Language starts with this grand tale that’s somber and heart wrenching and is, honestly, the kind of epic thing you’d hear to close out a record with the weight that the track carries but shifted to the front here, the track is a tonal mood setter that’s a mix of Chelsea Wolfe and Pj Harvey (“Down By The Water” run over by “Feral Love”).

“Fear Of God” is a dastardly tale, dripping with Lynchian angst with “Better Lover” shifting gears and opening up slightly with broad passages that really shine a light on Lakis’ stellar voice and range that is both almighty and angelic. “Owe You Anything” continues along that path highlighting Lakis’ pipes once again within this Bluesy Rawk romp led by thunderous drumming from Andrew Halpin and cavernous guitar tones.

“We’ll Be Fine” is built from an ethereal plane of existence with this breathy dreamy vocal delivery enchanting before the tide turns and the track begins to really hum as it comes alive with Lakis’ powerful voice leading an electrified charge. “Turn To Dust” tends to inhabit a sort of dream state as well, treading Trip-Hop at times, and then “Run To You” keeps it in that genre with beats that’d make Massive Attack blush before expanding into a Blues-soaked PJ Harvey meets Josh Homme kind of swagger…so basically, a Desert Sessions track.

“Something Holy” plods along as it pulses before everything comes to a head in the hypnotic closing number “What Says You” with Lakis’ mesmerizing voice sounding as if it’s being broadcast from another dimension with beats and synths crisscrossing across these various planes of blissful aural existence. How’s that for some heady shit?

Daughter Language is out now on Green Witch Recordings and can be yours by clicking here or below for streaming, here or here for physical copies. For more on Lauren Lakis, follow the media that inspires the socialness by heading here, here, or here.

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