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Singles! Lauren Lakis, “I Don’t Love”

Firstly, if you don’t know the genius of Have A Nice Life or Black Wing (Both featuring Dan Barrett) yet then you really oughta stop everything you’re currently doing, track down any of their numerous recordings over the years, and just soak it all in. Done? Okay, then onto our second point which is simply that Lauren Lakis is a similar kind of genius as evidenced by her recent slew of singles culminating in one truly divine debut full-length (Which we reviewed here). Put these two together in the form of Lakis covering a deep cut by Have A Nice Life and the results are, you guessed it: Genius!

But I digress!

Lakis, who’s no stranger to Post-Rawk and Shoegaze, takes on the Deathconsciousness track “I Don’t Love” and transforms it from an Industrial-tinged foray into Godflesh and Ministry territory to this psalm that’s bathed in vibrant vocal textures backed by twinkling tender pluckings. Upon first listen, Deathconsciousness did nothing for me (And you can read more in our review of its’ follow-up here) but listening through Lakis’ version prompted a re-listen to soak it all in once again only to leave with a greater appreciation for an underrated gem. So there’s that. And the fact that Lakis can not only expand that insight to her fans but also that she can take something so sonically powerful, strip it down, and create a version that still retains its’ strength and beauty is something to marvel at.

“I Don’t Love” is out now and available through all your favorite digital streaming services, one of which you can find by clicking here. You can also check out the accompanying video when you head here. For the latest on Lauren Lakis, follow her across the information superhighway when you head here, here, or here.

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