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Nekrogoblikon Return With Heavy Meta, Available This June

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Oh Nekrogoblikon. Where to begin? My best friend introduced me to Nekrogoblikon after the hilarious video for “No One Survives” came out off the Stench album and from there I was sold despite the seemingly schtick nature of the band. The beautiful thing upon delving into their catalog is that Nekrogoblikon is no “Schtick band”. Does “John Goblikon” rock out with them live occasionally? Sure! Does the music speak for itself beyond Mr. Goblikon’s presence? Hell yes!

“We Need A Gimmick” is the perfect answer for that when it enters with a gut-wrenching scream and a furious arpeggiated metal furiousness. Proper opener “The End of Infinity”, however, is the more logical answer welcoming listeners back into the world of Nekrogoblikon with a riff-laden ditty that just cries “Listen to me!!!”

Elsewhere, “We’ve Had Enough” is a synth-heavy power metal shredder that follows and preludes such exquisiteness as the piano-laden and downright fun brutality of “Bring Us More” (Complete with an epic sing-a-long chorus). “Snax & Violence” gets back to the metal while “Atlantis” stands out with some technical djent happening.

Are you looking for ballads? Yeah, you’re not going to find those here. Instead, how about a heaping pile of “Let’s Get Fucked”? With its almost danceable beat and actual accessibility (There’s clean singing even!) it should be no surprise that rocker turned motivational guru Andrew WK pops up with some sick refrains from I Get Wet. And there’s still more awesomeness to come!

“Full Body Xplosion has some of the most brutal and intense vocal deliveries this side of a Corey Taylor-led Slipknot album replete with a superb breakdown. “Mood Swing” begins as something out of an old school Castlevania game but soon devolves into one of the most vicious metal tracks of the year. And finally, what band is complete without a song about themselves? “Nekrogoblikon”, which ends the album, is the epitome of the band: heavy, raucous, and balls out fun.

Strip away the theatrics and the goblins and what do you get? A kick ass metal band delivering some of the finest headbanging around with a mix of Ziltoid Devin Townsend, 3 Inches Of Blood, and Muse. Confused? Listen to Heavy Meta and all will make sense!

Heavy Meta will be unleashed on June 2nd via Mystery Box. Pre-orders are up now over on District Lines, get yours here.

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