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Night Club Offers The Perfect Soundtrack To The Times On Aptly Titled Scary World

Night Club is one of those bands that I felt I just missed the bus with. I received a press release for their most recent single in advance of some live dates with Combichrist and I’ll admit, I was intrigued. But I just missed the mark with coverage save for a few advance notices on our Facebook page and a rave or two after the fact.

Lucky me, and you, because Night Club ain’t done with us yet as a new album is almost here and offers us a chance to redeem ourselves and regale you readers with why you should really pay attention this time.

But I digress.

The foreboding “Beware!” is an ominous electro warning of what’s to come thanks to Mark Brooks and his synthetic soundscape until the title track drops and his Electro world is accented by Emily Kavanaugh’s voice that comes at listeners like old school Madonna with its’ playfulness tinged with a harder edge building into this infectious chorus that will instantly have you hooked.

“Schizophrenic” is a sensuous banger mixed with those suave electro tones of Eurythmics and Duran Duran and it’s undeniable how Kavanaugh’s voice can sometimes mimic (gasp!) Britney Spears, especially during the chorus. But without the ProTools. “Your Addiction” saunters in next with hypnotic beeps and blips by Brooks as Kavanaugh expands her range with a soulful delivery at times.

“Blood On Your Blade” is a solid beats-driven sing-a-long that will own you the instant it starts while “Candy Coated Suicide”, already a live favorite, on record is just as sexy and seductive with Kavanaugh’s voice acting like a succubus, drawing listeners in and soothing the senses before going in for the kill. And what a delightful kill it is!

Later still, “Imaginary Friend” is a bouncy club-ready jam suited for the dance halls just as much as the dark gloom of your local goth nights. And then “Vampires” takes listeners on a wild ride with these eerie synths by Brooks in the middle adding more depth to the Night Club sound before “Survive” lets it all hang out to close Scary World with this wondrous clamor by Brooks interspersed by serene piano lines and Kavanaugh crooning at your earholes one last time.

Scary World is out on August 24th. You can pre-order your very own copy by clicking here or here. For the latest on Night Club, including your next opportunities to catch them live, head over here.

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