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Paper Tigers Channel Some Boston Greats, Pack A Mighty Original Sonic Wallop On A Schism Cataclysm

Paper Tigers make a timeless kind of music that is, at times, deeply embedded in the ’90’s Boston scene mixed with a new school Punk aesthetic akin to CKY’s earlier recordings. On their latest EP, A Schism Cataclysm, the quartet hone their burgeoning sound and pack quite the sonic wallop over five tracks of infectious and undeniable Rawk.

“Ursa Minor” is a slowburn, setting a mood with Bjarki Guðmundsson’s guitars steadily laying out a groove that moves like molasses and rolls out the gates like a mix of Roadsaw and Almost Famous‘ fictional heroes Stillwater. Next, “Simpatico” frolics in a shambolic shangri-la with Ben “Cutty” Cuthbert’s drumming providing some rhythmic counter attacks against Matthew Hughes harmonious bass hum as Michael Medlock’s voice anthemically echoes out.

“Sub Rosa” is led by Medlock’s powerful pipes navigating a mighty range that brings the high’s, the low’s, and everything in between while “An Enemy At The Gates” is a mishmash of ’90’s Alt and ’00’s New Wave of Britpop. Tapping into their hometown for one last dance, “Goldmine” sees the quartet ending the EP by taking the best parts of Dinosaur Jr and Folk Implosion, putting a Paper Tigers spin on it and creating a new anthem all their own.

A Schism Cataclysm arrives on October 15th and can be yours to stream and/or download when you head here or here. For the latest on Paper Tigers, including info on their record release party at O’Brien’s on October 16th, follow them across their socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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