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Reckoner Channel Early Suicidal Tendencies, Converge, And Even Korn On Debut

It’s hard not to show pride when the Boston area keeps producing so many solid acts from a variety of genres. On the heavier spectrum, we’re looking at the debut from Reckoner who mesh Hardcore grooves and breakdowns with modern Metal to create the goods that’ll get you going.

With Andrew Diaz’s bass rumblings heralding that some serious shit is about to happen and Jordan Rodriguez’s drumming steadily pounding away, “Sticks and Stones” kicks things off in a menacing fashion as Juan Ramirez’s raspy screams guide listeners into the sonic maelstrom.

“Waste” is sheer heavy madness that goes off the beaten hardcore path by bringing in some blast beats from Rodriguez while “Betrayal” is just one gigantic breakdown with Ramirez’s anguished screams declaring: “There is no family/there’s only betrayal/There is no forgiveness/This I can’t forget”

“King” reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies at their peak and Korn at their earliest (That raw sounding Life Is Peachy stuff) until this massive throwdown changes the track into a completely different beast and later still, James Paiva and Ernesto Ramirez’s guitar interplay, woven through Diaz’s bass reverberations during “The Hand That Feeds” is sheer metal bliss.

Closer “Bitter End” lulls listeners into a false sense of security before coming at your earholes with squealing guitars and Ramirez’s impassioned cries ending the EP with the most epic of breakdowns yet.

Reckoner is out now and you can get your very own by clicking right here, right now! For more on Reckoner, head on over to this link right here.

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