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RNRF X In Between Days, Local Look: Kat Wright

Sometimes you come across an artist and their initial press release or, in this case, Bandcamp bio and the description is so spot on that you think “Why can’t we just copy pasta that whole thing???” or “How are we gonna top that???” And then we go and try because that’s what we do! Which brings us to our latest In Between Days guest: Kat Wright! Playing the Arbella Stage on Day 2 of the 2-day In Between Days Festival happening at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy happening on August 19th & 20th, Wright’s sound completely enraptures with an aesthetic that’s summed up concisely if you were to split the difference between Mark Ronson’s Version and Record Collection albums. See! We kinda did it!

With the pandemic slowing things down considerably, the most recent output (Available now on your most favorite streamers) is a series of acoustic “Trios Sessions” which has a live vibe to it with tracks from across Wright’s catalog collected here along with some covers and other gems. Elsewhere, 2016’s By My Side is a fantabulous representation of the musical prowess and all around wonderful world of Wright which displays a penchant for melding enthralling old soul in the new school aural vibes along with Wright’s spectacular range across 13 tantalizing tracks.

Kat Wright can be followed across the interwebs before taking the Arbella Stage of IBD on Day 2 when you head here, here, or here… and also here for even more. In Between Days Festival is happening on August 19th and 20th over at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy and you can still secure your tickets in advance NOW by heading here.

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