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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: Guys At Parties Like It

“Four ‘No’s’ don’t make a ‘Yes’, dude!”- Mary

Colton David Coate and Micah Coate’s Guys At Parties Like It has no boogeyman behind it all, no seemingly immortal slasher bringing the madness, and no otherworldly or supernatural being at the helm of the Horror here. So, who’s the bad guy? Well, being a modern horror story in the truest sense means you get the truest villain in this story: Privileged white males.

Written by Colton David Coate, Guys At Parties Like It is an exquisitely told tale of one night gone very wrong. Brad (Anthony Notarile) is an awkward fucking freshman in a “rush” (Get it? Like a Frat rush??) to lose his virginity ahead of some archaic ritual put forth by the fraternity he’s pledging to. Trixie (Jacqueline O’Kelly) already shut him down after some kinks revealed by Brad were a little too outside Trixie’s comfort zone so after some more pressure from Frat leader Tony (Pablo Sansdtrom), he’s hedging all his bets towards the next party with his sights firmly set on potential sure thing Mary (Monica Garcia Bradley).

At the party we also meet Mary’s gay bestie Connor (Yuhua Ou), Trixie’s friend Monica (Vianca Peguero), sober sister Mags (Paige Sciarrino), and fellow Frat brothers like creepy Kyle (Jackson Trent), and Rick (Haulston Mann). A fireside game of Truth Or Dare leads a very inebriated Mary and Brad upstairs and from there, our story really begins to unfold getting claustrophobic, uncomfortable, triggering to watch for sure at times and yes, kiddies, very scary because also very real. Tony gets shittier, Brad gets weirder as he gets more desperate and manic, and Mary is caught in the middle of this glorious and (eventually) goriest of #MeToo tales with many a twist and turn to keep viewers glued to the screen until the very last scene plays out over the credits (Also, ACAB).

“Guess it’s easier to ignore ‘No’ when it’s slurred”-Trixie

Guys At Parties Like It from Mattioli Productions is doing the festival rounds now and despite the overall anxiety it’s sure to induce, you kinda need to watch how it all turns out. To find out where you can check it out, follow the trail of socials by clicking here or here.

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