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Singles! BLAB, “Casual Sex”

You know how you listen to a new artist or song and can just tell with seconds sometimes that it’s all going to be fire? That’s BLAB and her latest single, “Casual Sex”, which drops soon courtesy of Cool Thing Records.

A smoldering slab of stunning sonic distortion that’s both sultry and sanguine, “Casual Sex” isn’t just a Rawk song but also a contemporary cautionary tale of woe wrapped in a boisterous package that packs a serious wallop.

Take the Era Vulgaris ethos, early 2000’s The White Stripes, a little bit of The Duke Spirit, and Lily Allen’s penchant for putting a singsong spin on some serious shit and you have a little idea of what to expect from BLAB. And as a whole, “Casual Sex” owns from start to finish.

Frances Murray’s piercing voice immediately demands listeners pay attention to BLAB and “Casual Sex” when it swells in strength just as the screaming guitars and fragmented drum attacks do the same before deflating slightly with the bass movin’ and groovin’ the song along towards a crushing conclusion.

“Casual Sex” arrives via Cool Thing Records on January 22nd. You can pre-save on the track and check out the rest of the BLAB world by heading here. For more on BLAB, head over to the socials by clicking here or here.

(Press photo by James Manion)

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