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Singles! Girl with a Hawk, “Feel Me”

Cover Design by Adam Sherman

Sobering yet soaring while similarly mournful and magnificent, the newest single from Girl with a Hawk is a rousing ode to fallen comrade and all around music matriarch Justine Covault of Red On Red Records, Justin and the Unclean and so much more.

Originally written for a friend struggling with suicidal considerations, GwaH’s vocalist/guitarist Linda Viens was able to pivot the sentiment of “Feel Me” (Off the upcoming Keep Er Lit EP) and turn it into a fitting Covault tribute with its’ themes of loss, grief, and helplessness running throughout the melancholy-tinged tune. With Richard Lamphear’s keys front and center, “Feel Me” also presents a sort of swerve for the Rawk collective as they venture into New Wave territory with this new joint.

But it works! Making it all work is Viens and Daniel Coughlin’s guitars mixing and meshing to come up with some soulful soloing that sings to the skies with Viens’ own glowing vocals eliciting a performance that’s both haunting and heavenly. Add in Daniel Bernfeld’s bass that’s heartfelt as it hums alongside Nancy Delaney’s divine drumming and you have a track that works as both a preview of what’s to come on Girl with a Hawk’s new release and as an homage following an unexpected loss.

“Feel Me” is available now through Rum Bar Records with a record release party planned for the Keep Er Lit EP on December 8th at The Burren Backroom. Get the track now by heading here then head here or here to follow Girl with a Hawk across their socials and to get all the deets on the new EP and subsequent release show.

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