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Singles! Happy Little Clouds, “I Don’t Suppose”

Artwork by Jac Mestel

In our humble opinion, the greatest bands are the ones that exhibit a chameleonic-like nature with their sound. That’s not to say that you put out a Black Metal song and follow it up with a Country one (Although, that could work…) but more shifting seamlessly within a range of styles but still retaining what makes you, well, you. Make sense? David Bowie is a prime example going borderline Industrial late in life with Outside, Techno/Dance on Earthling, then to a sort of Art Pop on Hours within a 3-album cycle. But probably closer to Happy Little Clouds’ brand of soulful post-grunge would be Soundgarden who in arguably their biggest record to date, Superunknown, crafted these massive radio hits (“Fell On Black Days”, “Black Hole Sun”), crushing riff beasts (“Let Me Drown”, “Mailman”), and straight up experimental excursions (“Head Down”, “Half”) alongside a full on dirge (“4th Of July”). Get us now?

Even if you don’t, we’re digging what Happy Little Clouds is throwing down and with their newest track they enter some new sonic territory away from the the synthy delights of “The Emperor’s Song” with a song that’s slightly more raw as frequent live favorite “I Don’t Suppose” finally makes its’ way to a recorded form.

Sure, there’s a grinding ’90’s vibe with the way that Jac Mestel’s guitars and JD Bergstrom’s bass harmoniously hum together and clash with the drumming from Jess Townsend (Toadies’ Rubberneck comes to mind) but then you get Mestel’s masterful vocal delivery with all of the Soul and it’s just Happy Little Clouds through and through.

“I Don’t Suppose” arrives through Happy Little Medium on May 1st and you can head here and here to make sure you can hear it as soon as it goes live. For more from Happy Little Clouds, like info about their upcoming appearances at various Porchfest’s (Malden! Somerville!) and WMFO’s Live Radio Day, follow the trail of socials collected from across the interwebs conveniently right here.

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