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Singles! Lovina Falls, “Tragedy”

Artwork by Valerie Forgione

We suspect that many a music fan (Us included) slept on the subtle emergence of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Valerie Forgione’s post-Mistle Thrush outfit Lovina Falls and their stunning debut Calculating the Angle of our Descent which arrived in the spring of ’23. Since then, though, the band seem to be quietly building momentum since their live debut at the end of 2023 and capped off with a stellar showing at the 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble in addition to select opening slots with local favorites like Jennifer Tefft & The Strange recently (Eddie Japan gets their turn on September 28th at Faces Brewing Company).

And now Forgione is back again along with drummer Todd Demma, guitarist Scott Patalano, and David Minehan on bass and additional guitars for “Tragedy” which is almost a swerve to a degree with the opening playing out almost as one would expect the continuation of Calculating the Angle of our Descent to go but then amidst a flurry of haunting piano-laden atmosphere transforms into something else for the chorus and beyond that’s not so unfamiliar to longtime fans of Forgione.

Maybe it’s the recent string of sonic experimentation on stage but with new single “Tragedy”, Forgione seems to be implementing more of that Mistle Thrush magic into the mix during the second half of the single which is a driving Alt Rawk anthem that’s still infused with this kind of Dark Cabaret that fans have come to know and love since the band’s inception for something wholly new. It’s unclear if “Tragedy” is an outlier or indicative of what’s to come with future recordings but one thing’s for sure: Whatever it is, we’re happy to be along for the ride.

“Tragedy” arrives on June 28th and you can find exactly where to get your copy by heading here. For more from Lovina Falls including where you can see them next (Like at the aforementioned EJ/Faces Brewing show plus a July 6th headlining release party with Parlour Bells and Happy Little Clouds at The Rockwell in Somerville and an opening slot for The Chameleons at The Sinclair on August 10th), follow the trail of socials across the interwebs by clicking here or here.

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