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Singles! Parlour Bells, “Knight Owl”

We said that Goddamn Glenn is a “goddamn revelation” in our review of Looking Glass War’s latest single (“See You In Hell, Liberty Bell”, which you can read all about here) and honestly? The upcoming single from another outfit Goddamn Glenn fronts, Parlour Bells, is not looking to dissuade us from that opinion anytime soon.

Did you catch that bit of news in the glaze??? Yes, Parlour Bells is BACK with a brand new single ahead of a fantastic show celebrating the release of Lovina Falls’ new single “Tragedy” with Happy Little Clouds (At the Rockwell on July 6th, details a little later on) rounding out the bill. The song in question is “Knight Owl” which is a brand new sonic soliloquy from the Boston mainstays that’s soaked in spooky.

And no, we’re not saying that PB has completely changed their base aesthetic in the slightest so when we say “spooky” think more The Cars and the haunting vibes associated with “Moving In Stereo” with Allison Sigrist bringing that atmosphere especially on the keys. Mix all that with a Cock Rawk sort of bravado straight out of the ’80’s in the way that guitarist Michael Johnson flexes on the fretboard (And airs of “Hot For Teacher” within the sick solo) with drummer Tony Porter and bassist Mike Leggio providing a driving yet debonair rhythmic footing and you have all the makings of a new classic Parlour Bells anthem.

And yes, Goddamn Glenn is as charismatic as ever with a chameleonic approach to the mic that easily sets the Parlour Bells sound apart from other outfits the singer is involved in by adding a different flavor here while uttering likes “You’ve Got A Lot Of Motherfucking Nerve” in a way that’s both serpentine but still smooth as shit.

“Knight Owl” is out on July 5th ahead of the To Be Or Not To Behave EP due later this summer and you can head here to find out where you can hear the single as soon as it drops. For more from Parlour Bells, including all the info on that aforementioned show with Lovina Falls (Get tickets here) and upcoming EP, follow the trail of socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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