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Singles! Looking Glass War, “See You In Hell, Liberty Bell”

Y’know what? We’re far enough removed from it that we think we can safely declare that Looking Glass War blew us away during their preliminary round appearance in the 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble (We missed the Semi rounds but can only assume it was just as stellar). Like many bands this year, we were already familiar with LGW going but had yet to experience them live and what we got was, in our minds, kind of like what it might be like seeing Killers or The Bravery (Who we actually did see at TT’s back in the day) during their first go-round of the Boston area club scene with a set that was both intimate and intense with all the makings of a stadium show.

As for their latest single “See You In Hell, Liberty Bell”? Well, it not so surprisingly captures all the live energy/magic and succinctly translates it to whatever kinds of speakers you might be experiencing your Looking Glass War through. It’s the kind of song, and we may have said this before, that has the feel of a band who has already put out several classics and is just constantly riding on the high of knowing “We got this!” and not one with just about an album’s length worth of material out to the masses as of this typing.

Goddamn Glenn is a goddamn revelation behind the mic (We’ve been waiting to use that one for a bit, sorry) with the kind of presence coupled with a very distinct timbre that’s just as commanding and charismatic on record as it is on stage and on “See You In Hell, Liberty Bell” it’s practically transcendent. Tony Porter’s robust drumming is even more spirited here especially when paired with Mike Ackley’s steady bass work and then you have Pete Zeigler’s inimitable guitar structure that’s filled with influences far and wide but delivered so concisely in the Looking Glass War style. Add on another killer chorus flush with a sing-a-long component that’s sure to stand out live and the next act of the LGW story is on.

“See You In Hell, Liberty Bell” is the first taste of the upcoming new EP Saints of the Lost and Found and arrives on June 21st. You can head here for all the links you’ll need to make sure you hear it first and for the latest on Looking Glass War, including the deets of their first post-Rumble gig at O’Brien’s on June 22nd with Gretchen Shae & The Middle Eight and Lipsmear, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here or here.

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