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Singles! Stone Deaf, “Cloven Hoof”

Looking for that sweet spot in between Lullabies To Paralyze and Era Vulgaris? Or maybe an alternate timeline where Nick Oliveri never left QOTSA? Then you might wanna check out Colorado’s Stone Deaf and their latest slab of sonic sexiness that is “Cloven Hoof”.

Despite this shitshow of a year stinking up the place left and right, the JAMS that have come out have been the bee’s knees and “Cloven Hoof” is up there with the best and most memorable of them with razor sharp riffage accentuated by organ tones taking listeners on a trippy ride that endlessly Rawks!

Chugging along thanks to Kristofer Petross’ battering ram of rumbling drumming and Cody Isaman’s equally Earth-resounding bass work, “Cloven Hoof” sets the bar even higher with accented aural attacks from Scott Anderson and Dust Chapin’s sweet shreddy sounds on the gi-tars with Chapin’s smooth vocals acting as the cherry on top of your new favorite Desert Rawk sundae.

“Cloven Hoof” is out now on Coffin And Bolt Records and Golden Robot Records ahead of the upcoming Killers full-length. You can stream it ’til your heart’s content by clicking here. For the latest on Stone Deaf, follow them across their socials by heading here, here, or here.

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