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Singles! The Roland High Life, “Always Almost Ready”

Fresh off some stellar sets as part of the 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble class as well as at the recent Somerville PorchFest, The Roland High Life return with “Always Almost Ready” that’s both a catchy ass Summer anthem and a cautionary tale about being friendly with your drummer. Intrigued? You should be!

Is there enough fun in modern Rawk? The Roland High Life sure doesn’t think so and since their resurgence they’ve been on a quest to inject just a little bit more of that “f” word back where it belongs (In addition to learning moments like previous release “Oh Dolours”). With “Always Almost Ready”, TRHL tap into just that kind of vibe on a new track that’s a cross between ’80’s Bryan Adams (Lookin’ at you, “Summer Of ’69”!), Weezer, and Foo Fighters (Speaking of, we envision any kind of video treatment for this track similar to the Mentos-spoofing “Big Me”) with big hooks, larger than life synth sounds, and Thom Dunn alongside Walker Dieckmann, Nick Krefting, and Chris Correia delivering on all fronts.

“Always Almost Ready” is out on May 31st and you can do all that pre-savin’ stuff the kids talk about when you click here. For more from The Roland High Life, including all the info on upcoming live appearances and more, head here, here, or here.

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