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Singles! Wyn & The White Light, “Can the World Change”

Press Image: Marion Earley

Not really an anti-Holiday jam but more the antithesis for those who need it during what is a trying time for many, the newest single from Wyn & The White Light is a somber soliloquy (Believe it or not, that’s not the first time we’ve used that alliteration this week) chronicling an especially difficult period during the Christmas season in response to a challenge from Ben Folds at a songwriting retreat. Following the singles released so far and now with “Can the World Change”, what Wyn & The White Light is conjuring currently in advance of their upcoming debut album (Due in March) is altogether something special to collectively behold.

On “Can the World Change”, in contrast to “White Noise”, guitarist/vocalist Wyn Doran sheds the bravado for a more intimate approach that’s gently gorgeous as Doran evocatively emotes backed by Heidi Tierney’s drums and Lucia Jean’s bass. Adding to the atmosphere is a string accompaniment to enhance Doran’s trembling vibrato and this kind of crescendo/decrescendo madness when the song hits its’ peak and travels to a sort of holy place filled by a cacophony of voices and sounds that could be called chaotic if not for Doran’s soaring voice steadily guiding the way just as it unsteadily wavers to accentuate the turmoil behind the words.

Personally, we think “Can the World Change” is the most perfect post-holidaze soundtrack as you venture back out into the world following the big day and conveniently enough, the song arrives on December 26th on all your most favorite streaming platforms which can be found here and here. For more from Wyn & The White Light, including all the latest on that upcoming debut record, follow them across the interwebs by clicking here or here.

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