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The KVB Create Unity With Concentrated Bursts Of Synthetic Serenity On Latest

The KVB is one of those artists that is so consistent that a review is almost unnecessary at this point because fans know that when it comes to the duo of Kat Day and Nicholas Wood, it’s basically guaranteed that what you’re getting is a work of art. Like their latest full-length, Unity, which is one of The KVB’s most solid records to date and an easy spoiler for folks who’ve already made up their minds on what their supposed “Best Of 2021” is already.

But I digress.

“Sunrise Over Concrete” aptly conjures up that feeling perfectly, rising like a glowing orb slowly on the horizon while “Unité” is all Kraftwerk doing Darkwave with Day’s serene, hypnotic vocals luring in new followers for The KVB’s latest trip. “Unbound” is pure The KVB perfection with Wood at the helm vocally and Day creating an ethereal atmosphere with her vocal accents for a rather heavier affair even with the way the synths and guitars repeatedly attack and then “Future” is just that as this beats-heavy throbber shimmies and shakes amidst an Electro cleansing.

“Blind” is dark and devoid with its’ mechanical nature which provides a propulsive pulsating push towards a continuously building static synthetic stupor, “Ideal Living” hums with an incessant/ever-present electronic buzz, and “World On Fire” is like a shining star in all the gloom channeling The Raveonettes with the way Day and Wood harmonize.

“Structural Index” is a mood-setter as this complex conundrum sets the stage for the grand finale preluded by “Lumens” which haplessly hangs around until “Omni” descends with Wood effortlessly emoting dryly and invoking all the energies within this enigma-filled Electro world The KVB has created in Unity.

Unity arrives via Invada Records on November 26th and is available for pre-order in a plethora of formats now when you click here. For the latest on The KVB, follow their socials by heading here, here, or here.

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