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The Shirts And Shoes Deliver A Righteous Riot To Yer Earholes With Sinner Swing

Well, hot dang! The Shirts And Shoes are not effing around on Sinner Swing, their latest offering, which comes out of the gates, ahem, swinging big with eight seemingly unsuspecting songs that, when combined, create a sure contender for “Best Rawk Album of 2021”. A veritable treasure trove of tumultuous tracks, Sinner Swing evokes feelings so intense that they’re practically palpable so strap in and get comfortable because The Shirts And Shoes has returned and it’s sure to be a bumpy ride!

When last we left the MA outfit, they were howling hard with “Wolf” (Which we reviewed back in 2019 and you can read all about here) and if you thought that track was somethin’ then just wait ’til you hear it surrounded by a bevy of tunes that accent and accentuate the all around awesomeness that The Shirts And Shoes ultimately exude on their latest. “Welcome” is a maniacal and magical way to start and not too unlike something from The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and then “MRSA” BRINGS IT! A rumbling rawker built from booming bass lines, shreddy guitars, diabolical drumming, and Tyler Charron’s piercing voice bringing some soul, some swoon, and some saltiness, this banger of a lead in track is all that and a bag of chips.

“Something To Chase” is just a slamming Rawk anthem that’s part The Subway’s, The Von Bondies, and Toadies while “More” is loud and raucous. Riotous even with hints of Royal Blood from the wall of guitars built by Charron and Emiliano Calvo! It’s a song that’s so bombastic and over the top that it makes this native New Englander proud that there are local artists out there making music this good.

“Toothache” is something else. With a mystical vibe overall in the way The Doors used to do so exquisitely but rattling around a loud Post-Grunge cage, “Toothache” is filled with many a twist and turn before a Prog-fueled outro highlighting Eric Gonham and Alec Gervais’ drum and bass rhythmic superiority drives the track towards “Seed” which goes all Berklee College Of Music with a laid back little Jazzy come Power-Pop number that John Mayer and Weezer would be all over. Sinner Swing concludes with “Junk” which, to put it simply, brings a killer end to a killer album that’s not to be missed.

Sinner Swing is out on September 24th! Pre-save yours now from all your favorite digital music providers by clicking here or head here for the rest of the relevant music-related links. For more from The Shirts And Shoes, follow the trail of socials by heading here, here, or here.

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