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Torche Get Even More Massive For Relapse Records Debut

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I could honestly write this entire review based on the massive title track which closes out Torche’s fourth full-length, the appropriately titled Restarter. The song itself wraps every single miniscule little bit of what makes this album great and amplifies it in spades. It’s heavy, it’s droning, it’s consistent, it’s a veritable beast! Much like the rest of Restarter.

It’s fitting that such a behemoth of an album is also Torche’s first for Relapse. If you thought tracks like “Minions” and “Annihilation Affair” were a fair indication of where the rest of the album was going then be prepared to be blown away. Gone are the short little ditty’s that broke up the heavy on previous albums (“Undone” being the lone exception yet still a far cry from decidedly more “upbeat” tracks like “Sky Trials” or “Kiss Me Dudely” off Harmonicraft), replaced with a heavenly sludge that separated albums like Meanderthal from the rest of the underground pack.

That “heavenly sludge” permeates throughout Restarter bringing Torche fans a new kind of heavy which, as always, is lifted up due to Steve Brooks distinct no growl/clean vox singing. As a whole, Restarter is an all encapsulating body of Torche’s past and future as songs like “Loose Men” hearken back to the self-titled days while “Barrier Hammer” is easily one of the most pummeling tracks Torche has ever written.

Restarter is out now through Relapse Records. Head on over to Relapse for a plethora of bundle options and go here to find out where you can see them live this Spring.

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