Centuries Of Decay Bring Together Old Styles To Create New, Exciting Sounds On Debut

You get a descriptor for a new band that mentions one artist that put out your favorite release of a previous year and another artist that happens to be one of your all time favorite metal outfits and ANOTHER artist that’s local and awesome and near and dear to your heart and you already have some big shoes to fill.

Luckily for Toronto’s Centuries Of Decay they do Gojira, Strapping Young Lad, and Isis respectively proud on their self-titled debut.

From the lurching behemoth of the aptly titled “Centuries of Decay” all the way through to the grandiose finale of “Demise”, Centuries Of Decay bring familiar sounds together and forge a glorious new path forward.

The aforementioned title track is an intricate sonic journey (Threaded together ever so gently by Anthony Zhura’s bass lines) that builds like an Isis classic, shreds like a Gojira standard, and….well, if you’re looking for the SYL then skip to the next track for that one as “The Architect” has the fury of Devin Townsend and Jed Simon’s speed metal riffs down!

Comparisons aside, Centuries Of Decay is truly a unique entity composing epic tracks (Sometimes within already epic tracks) that are some of the most dense and thought-provoking in modern metal today. Devin Doucette’s monstrous wail, at times reminiscent of Jens Kidman, is the cherry on top of the beautiful song structures as heard on “Asylum” which creates the distinct feeling of being trapped within the walls of one as his vocals bring to mind a manic/mental episode.

“Odyssey” is immediately entrancing as it sucks listeners in with Tommy Victor-style guitar squeals from lead guitarist Rob McAllister when it really gets going and then drummer Derrick Doucette pounds you with crushing percussion skills. “Wings of Death”, on the other, hand is just downright brutal with staccato riffs mixed with sonic synchronicity from the rhythm section as Doucette mixes growls and yowls to a satisfying conclusion.

Centuries Of Decay is out on August 4th. You can grab a copy for yourself right here or here and be sure to click here to find out more on the band!

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