GASKILL Shine At Death Kiss Record Release Show, Unveil Special Weapons

If you pay attention to our Facebook page then you know we were so enamored by all the bands at the recent record release show for Death Kiss Volume 2 that we decided that we HAD to do a feature on all the current Bandcamp discogs from the bands that performed at the show.

But GASKILL just put out a new record. So we decided that we’d feature that instead. And still talk about their Bandcamp discography.

But I digress.

Believe it or not, my first exposure to GASKILL was the track they contributed to the latest Death Kiss compilation (Which you can read all about by clicking here). Once again, Mary Frances can pat herself on the back knowing she brought to light another local gem to, not just to me, but to so many others through the comp and her show on WEMF. And in turn, I get to shed a little more light through my medium of communication. Circle of life and all that shit.

So “I Am The Spider” was my favorite on the comp and it closes up Special Weapons nicely here. Like I said on my initial take of the track, it’s like Jello Biafra fronting Anthrax….but boy does Kevin Grant have range beyond that. In fact, my FIRST impression was that of  the second coming of Stompbox while live they definitely added elements of early Clutch to their repertoire.

In other words, GASKILL is a mutt. A glorious mutt made from the bestest of the best to create this musical beast/hound of beauty. If you go back through their discography (See! I told you I’d go there!) which dates back to 1996 (The band formed in 1995), the evolution into this multi-faceted behemoth that offers you new music today is obviously apparent.

“I Know Your Name” is blistering and intense and, much like their Black Flag covers album (Our War, available here), is also direct and to the point. With Kevin Grant’s voice stabbing at listeners as Dan Jagoda’s cacophonous drumming and Craig Fleming’s wall of noise guitar fuzz provide the perfect soundtrack of organized chaos.

“Small Cake” alters the tone vastly with a slow groove that rumbles along like molasses with Grant’s bellows echoing out and resonating, careening into an almost Danzig-esque chorus. “Salt” really lets Mario Costa’s bass barrage shine during a track that encapsulates some of the great noise of Boston yesteryear (Think Sam Black Church and Tree in particular) while “Slow Crows” is all crunchy and dirty and gritty and all the things until it becomes a thrashing rager.

And “I Am The Spider” closes it all up. And you already know how we feel about that one.

The current discography, including Special Weapons, from GASKILL can be streamed and purchased by clicking here. For the latest on the band, including dates where you can see them live next, can be found here.


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