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Dyr Faser Create A Calculated Cacophony On Cathartic Phantom Electric

Album artwork by Amelia May

It’s albums like the one Boston’s Dyr Faser’s recently put out that back our regular rule that starting any complete “Year End” list is a moot point until almost the very end and regarding Phantom Electric, we pretty much guarantee that you’re not likely to find any other artist in the area that sounds quite like this duo because the tracks found within this eight track full-length are similarly electric and eclectic, psychedelic and psionic so buckle up!

“Unusual Power” starts our journey with Amelia May (Vocals, guitar, flute, bow guitar) and Eric Boomhower (Vocals, guitar, drums, Univox) serving as our guides with May’s ethereal vocals flowing across the calculated cacophony like a specter. That haunting quality carries over into the upbeat “Life Form” with Boomhower taking over lead vox on a song that’s a natural mix of early Sonic Youth and The Raveonettes while “Rainer’s Game” is a trippy, ahem, trip. “Killing Our God” goes deeper into the trip with static drumming keeping the count for a Folk Implosion meets Tab-era Monster Magnet ditty that finds May once again behind the mic and crooning out some sweeping verses over the fuzzed out riffs.

“Abandon” is dreamy but with a certain clarity as it comes out of the previous haze for an upbeat ditty as May’s broad delivery elevates the track beyond your typical lo-fi Indie fare with “The Way To Understanding” going back down a darker path for an almost The Doors-esque journey before “Kinghead” thumps and shimmers and adds some more bluesy elements into the Dyr Faser aural arsenal. Phantom Electric closes with the swelling “New Rule” as May’s flute playing lies on display front and center which segue’s nicely into some tight vocal harmonies alongside Boomhower before it all ends with the boil becoming a simmer.

Phantom Electric is out NOW! And can be perused and purchased when you head here or here. For the latest from Dyr Faser, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here, here, or here.

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