Pissed Off Uncle Al Really Is The Bee’s Knees As Evidenced On Politically-Charged/45-Bashing AmeriKKKant

This is one of those after the fact records that stuck with me enough to have thoughts. Especially because I feel the need to defend it against haters. [Read more…]

Al Fucking Jourgensen: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation


Ministry’s not quite over, RevCo has new material in the works, Lard will be back, and most importantly: Surgical Meth Machine has been unveiled to the masses. [Read more…]

Burton C. Bell: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation


Fear Factory’s latest, and ninth album, is barely a year old yet here they are touring the country playing their iconic sophomore album from front to back. Despite the obvious reasons (Um, 20th anniversary of Demanufacture!), the answer for the current tour is actually quite simple as vocalist Burton C. Bell cordially explains via phone: [Read more…]

Surgical Meth Machine Delivers The Ministry Album You Deserve (Album Review)

Surgical Meth Machine - Surgical Meth Machine - Artwork

Stay with me for a moment as I attempt to describe Al Jourgensen’s latest project, Surgical Meth Machine, to you: If “Warp City” had sex with the entire “TV” series and their bastard offspring had sex with Revco and THEY had a baby, Surgical Meth Machine would be the result. Make sense? No? Well, if you’re ready for it to get a lot more weird then stick around. [Read more…]

Coal Chamber Transcends Nu-Metal On Rivals

PromoImage (71)

The most surprising thing about the fourth Coal Chamber album isn’t how good it is after 13 years apart but actually how much it still sounds like Coal Chamber. With frontman Dez Fafara leaping into the decidedly more heavy Devildriver, guitarist Meegs and drummer Mikey Cox experimenting with new genres for We Are The Riot and bassist Nadja Peulen branching out with the symphonic industrial cabaret of Vera Mesmer, Rivals could have been a disaster or a masterpiece. Luckily, it falls in the latter category. [Read more…]