Rotting Christ Celebrate 30 Years Of Metal Excellence With New Masterpiece The Heretics

There is no greater satisfaction than hearing a highly anticipated album for the first time and being reassured that your faith was rightly placed as said album is better than great, maybe better than the best the band has put out and, quite possibly, best of the year. And it’s only February.

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19 for ’19: An Even More Exhaustive Look/Speculation On What Will Float Yer Collective Boats In The Coming Year

Holy hell do we have to nip this thing in the bud before we even start! The idea was to have 19 solid releases that are in various states of development to fill out our list of most anticipated for 2019 (Get it? 19 in ’19) but then we kept thinking about ALL THE REST that are due (supposedly) so we had to add a precursor to said list which, well, got kind of insane. So for your reading pleasure is this stream of consciousness thing we concocted before the actual list which follows directly after. We even put artists in bold so you can skip around the wordsplosion that’s about to happen. Thanks in advance for reading! [Read more…]

Rock and Roll Fables Presents: Top 16 of ’16 (AKA: Why Do I Do This To Myself Every Year?)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of reflection, a time of remembrance, and a time of scrolling through my Itunes to see what was released, and most importantly, what got the most repeated listens in 2016. So here goes…somethin’: [Read more…]

Untitled Metal Column: Volume 14 (Rotting Christ, Rituals)


Rotting Christ, where have you been all my life??? Apparently in Greece concocting the most glorious black metal and crafting album after album of awesomeness, that’s where. [Read more…]